– About me

Photo of Vic Ramkumar

A Berlin-based photographer with a cinematic flare

Hi, I’m Vic Ramkumar. I’m a photographer based in Berlin, originally from India. What started as a hobby for me, soon grew into a serious passion, and eventually made me transition into a freelance photographer. And where would be better, than in Berlin? 

The themes of environment, human, and human environment interaction fascinate me, and most of my work revolves in this sphere.

I like to explore many facets of photography, and my visual influences generally come from the Indian cinema, which heavily influenced me while growing up.

My work can be broadly categorized into events, travel, people, fashion, commerical and architecture – but I have experiences in most fields. So don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

Speak soon.



Olympus Cameras Deutschland | Content Creator | 2021

DZB, Berlin | Content Creator | 2020

ThinkBig Studios, Berlin | Set Photographer | 2019, 2020

Muscial Theater Society, Berlin | Photographer | 2019, 2020, 2021

I+E Research, Berlin | Photographer | 2021

40 Seconds Berlin | Event Photographer | 2019

Zero Waste International, Berlin | Event Photographer | 2019

BVG, Berlin | Content Creator | 2019